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3 Important Facts You Should Know Before Giving Your Cat Vegan Cat Food




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Cat owners know that cats can be fussy eaters. They might have to make an exception for vegan cat food. Vegan cat food has all the same nutrients as traditional cat food, but it is free from animal products.

Purr-Fect Vegan Cat Food

This means that your cat will be free from all meat and dairy. Vegan cat food can often be cheaper than traditional cat food, so you can still keep your cat healthy and happy. Vegan cat food is a great way to please your pet without spending a lot.

Purr-Fect Vegan Cat Food
Purr-Fect Vegan Cat Food

Three Important Factors to Consider Before Your Cat Eats Vegan Cat Food

Despite their increasing popularity, there are still many questions regarding vegetarian pet food. A 2015 study revealed that 25% of vegetarian pet foods did not meet the AAFCO’s minimum nutritional requirements.

Five out of twelve surveyed companies did not provide evidence of nutritional sufficiency. Vegan cat food is not safe or natural. Before you give your pet a vegan diet, it is important to know these facts.

3 Important Facts You Should Know Before Giving Your Cat Vegan Cat Food

Evolution’s Gourmet Fondue Kibble

Evolution’s Gourmet Fondue is a high-quality, plant-based kibble you can feed your cat. This dry cat food meets the nutritional and regulatory standards of AAFCO. It also contains taurine, an essential amino acid, and other vital nutrients. The AAFCO also approves it for adult cats as well as kittens.

This food is a tried and true recipe with high nutritional value. It is 100% vegan and plant-based. It also contains 30% protein which is a healthy amount for cats. Taurine is also included in the product, which aids with heart function, reduces the risk of DCM and improves poop consistency. It does not contain any fillers, preservatives or mold inhibitors.

Benevo is another great vegan cat food. The Hampshire-based company makes nutritionally complete cat food, including taurine and spirulina. The company developed these ingredients over a year.

PETA and Vegan Society have awarded the company certification. The company’s products are free from animal by-products, and made with natural ingredients.

Wysong’s Vegan Cat Kibble

Is “Grain Free Food” Really a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? There are many options for grain-free cat and dog food. But, is it worth the extra effort? Wysong’s Vegan Cat Kibble might be the best for your cat. It’s starch-free, too! It is the first dry pet food to be extruded. Epigen is 100% starch-free unlike “Grain Free”, which is what many “Grain Free” products claim to be.

All Wysong diets can be made fresh from scratch with no fillers or preservatives. All ingredients are from Australia, Canada, and the US. Wysong’s Vegan Cat Kibble also contains trace amounts taurine, which can benefit your cat’s overall health. Wysong can be purchased in hardware stores, online, and health food stores.

Pet owners highly recommend this food for cats. It is meatless, high in protein, and high in taurine, a vital amino acid for cat health. It provides your cat with all the vitamins and nutrients they need. Vegan cat food does not contain any protein so you don’t need to sacrifice taste. Wysong’s vegan cat food also contains probiotics, enzymes and omega-3 fatty acid, which are vital for a healthy lifestyle.

Benevo Vegan Cat

Benevo Vegan Cat Food is a balanced and nutritionally complete food that can be fed to your cat. It contains all vegan ingredients. Adult Original contains 28% protein, prebiotic FOS and omegas 3 & 6. It also contains spirulina, omegas 3 and 6. Benevo has been approved by the Vegetarian & Vegan Society, and the non-profit organization Peta. It also contains B vitamins, spirulina and other nutrients.

Benevo Vegan Cat dry food is nutritionally complete and designed to meet adult cats’ nutritional requirements. It is vegan-sourced taurine, spirulina and contains 28% of plant protein. These nutrients are vital for a cat’s overall health and immune system. The food contains taurine and Vitamin A which are essential nutrients for healthy hair and the immune system. It contains no animal byproducts making it safe for your feline friend.

Benevo Vegan Cat Food contains 100% plant-based kibble and vegan taurine. Prebiotic FOS aids digestion. Yucca Extract is added to help reduce fecal smell. It is also rich in essential fatty acid, such as EPA and DHA. Natural brewers yeast is used to flavor the food, which makes it tasty and healthy.

Vegan cat food
Vegan cat food


As people become more conscious about their health, vegan cat food is becoming more common. There are many health benefits to giving your cat vegan food. It is more nutritious for them, contains more protein, and has taurine which is good for their health.

Wysong’s Vegan Cat Kibble and Benevo Vegan Cat Food are two of the most popular vegan cat food options.

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